What do I charge right now for my voice lessons? I charge $55 for 30 minutes. If the student comes every week then they get better price… It’s $50 a lesson. Or in other words $110 an hour or $100 an hour depending. So I have two kinds of students. I have students who come every week and it’s $ 200 a month. And I have quite a few students who come twice a month and that is $110 a month.

But I always prefer to have 1 hour each week with my student, because we can do much quicker progress and use part of class for recording.
If you buy 4 hour pass for 30 days you get extra 5% OFF
If you buy 8 hour pass for 60 days, you get 10% OFF the price

Clients who bought passes come always first when scheduling the lessons.

Skype lessons

$40 per 30 min lesson

Recording Demo
- for recording the demo we will need at least 2,5 hour session plus mixing fee.
Price is $50 for mixing and $250 for recording your voice.

If there is a need for additional editing like manual auto tune or fixing voice manually, the price will be according to the time I do spend on it. For 30 min of editing I do charge $50.

Canceling of lessons:

to 48 hours before lesson - we will reschedule lesson for another day in relevant month.
48 - 24 hours before the lesson - 50% cancelation fee
24 - 0 hours before the lesson - 100% cancelation fee

Do not forget, that in the case you can not come to singing lesson personally, we can still do it by Skype

Every client gives refundable deposit in amount of one lesson when starting the course.