About me

My name is Maya Baranova and I come from Prague, the Czech Republic - Europe. I studied performing arts at the prestigious music school Konzervatoř Jaroslava Ježka. I have fronted several Rock and Jazz bands, performed large festivals, won songwriters competition in 2015 (Cistý festival) with my band Rudollfine and in 2015 opened with my band Thoola European Morcheeba Tour .

The only limitation
to becoming an amazing singer is in your thinking

Teaching technique

I developed my own teaching technique inspired by Yoga stretch and release principles and I teach my clients how to improve their tone be focus on their energetic flow. I strongly believe in recording my students to listen back and make tweaks and that is why I am fully equipped for that. My classes are preparing my students for being quick and successful in studio same as great in live performing.

Lessons are individual with options of me commuting to your place or having a skype lesson. Most of my clients use combination.


- Effective breathing techniques
- balance your voice
- correct managing of the singing registers
- gaining singers self-confidence
- correct microphone technique
- possibility to record a demo while taking the lesson

and a lot more

My lessons are individual. All lessons are as quick as you like it. If you are not sure in cerain topic, we can allways come back to it and make sure that you feel comfortable. My credo is that everyone can sing with no exception. I am working with clients that were not able to repeat the note at all and after we have worked together they learned to hear and produce the right notes. Some of them are fronting their own bands now or at least they enjoy overtime they go to the karaoke party, because there is no need to worry about the result no more..